For many clients and projects, a Design/Build approach is the most effective construction delivery method. Known as “Turnkey”, this is a delivery system of contracting under which one entity performs both Architectural/Engineering design and the actual construction work.

Clifford Buck Construction can team with architectural partners to provide an integrated Design/Build approach. Our established relationships allow us to assemble the best possible team given the specific requirements and objectives of your project.
The Design/Build construction delivery method requires mutual trust and a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between your requirements, goals, and capacity. Design/Build compresses both design and construction timelines as the best method when speed of delivery is a primary concern as it allows for construction to commence before design is finalized and lends itself well to phased construction.

It is the most collaborative approach to construction delivery and allows for maximum creativity, innovation, and value-engineering throughout the process. It is the only construction delivery method with a single-point of responsibility. Working with Clifford Buck Construction on a Design/Build project, continuity is maintained throughout and both cost and schedule can be clearly defined very early in the process. Once design criteria are reasonably developed, a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is established.

If you are considering a Design/Build construction or renovation project, please contact us today at 231.726.4913 or via e-mail and we can put our team of experts to work for you.


General Contracting (GC) is the traditional design-bid-build approach to construction delivery. As a true builder, we are passionate about the GC delivery method. We provide competitive hard bids on select and invitation-only (prequalification based) construction opportunities throughout Western Michigan.

We are regularly awarded GC assignments either by providing the lowest price to build to detailed construction documents and specifications or by coming up with the best value-engineering suggestions for an overall value proposition. Established relationships with trade contractors founded on trust and experience and extensive market knowledge enable us to be extremely competitive while providing unsurpassed quality.

General Contracting is best suited for straightforward projects that are subject to minimal changes or projects subject to strict procurement policies requiring lump sum bids. GC offers the simplest form of contract and offers a high-degree of traditional 'checks and balances' between the architect and builder.

When using this approach, our qualified staff will work to oversee the project organization, manage the flow of materials and personnel, maintain proper cost control, and ensure that a project is completed on time according to the plans and specifications set forth by the owner. We can also work with the owner’s selected architect to develop comprehensive bid packages and oversee the competitive bid process. Through our years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive list of qualified contractors in the area and maintain strong relationships with many of them.

General Contracting also maximizes the benefits of our self-performance capabilities. Our field personnel are highly trained with tremendous depth and knowledge. When appropriate and beneficial, they have the ability to self perform demolition services, concrete, carpentry and general trades.

Our GC services include:
    -Cost control measures
    -Schedule control
    -Coordinating all trade contractors
    -Quality Assurance/Quality Control
    -Safety Accountability Program management
    -Shop drawing and submittal review
    -Field Supervision
    -Professional Project Management

The GC delivery method does not always benefit from the value engineering and schedule acceleration opportunities from the more collaborative delivery methods like Construction Management or Design/Build...'Low Bid' is not always 'Best Value'.
For additional information about our General Contracting services or to request a Pre-Qualification package, please contact us today at 231.726.4913 or via e-mail.


Construction Management (CM) is a professional service delivery method that applies management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost, and quality. Clifford Buck Construction’s approach to CM is one of transparency, communication, and accountability. We provide CM solutions throughout Western Michigan.

The Clifford Buck Construction Approach to CM provides our clients with a 'best of both worlds' delivery method...incorporating the advantages of professional CM delivery with the horsepower and know-how of a General Contractor. We take complete responsibility of trade contractors, minimizing the risk for our clients. We have an experienced estimating team that incorporates the market knowledge from the competitive bidding environment and work with our Superintendents and Project Managers to translate construction documents into clear and comprehensive bid categories and work descriptions. This minimizes scope creep and gaps between trade contractors, resulting in lower bids and more accurate budgeting.

Benefits to the owner of the CM approach include builder input early in the design process resulting in cost and schedule savings while maintaining the highest level of quality, owner selection of the Project Manager and Superintendent, and owner involvement in sub-contractor prequalification and selection. CM is typically the best method for projects that involve phased construction, those involving building within occupied environments, and highly complex projects.

When utilizing the CM delivery method, we recommend:
  -Engaging your CM early to get the maximum benefit during pre-construction planning
  -Selecting on best-value, not low price…the right CM can save you far more than their fee!
  -Utilizing the ‘At-Risk’ Method, protecting the owner with a Guaranteed Maximum Price
  -Utilizing a CM offering self-performance ability ensuring budgeting accuracy and schedule insurance

The scope of CM services should be tailored to your specific needs and goals. The Construction Management fee is can be negotiated as a flat fee or percentage of contract and can vary depending on the scope and project requirements.

The Construction Management Team of Clifford Buck Construction offers services including:
    -Comprehensive Pre-Construction Services
    -Contract Administration, Management, AIA Billing, & Transparent Reporting
    -Safety Accountability Program, Security Measures, Construction Perimeters
    -Schedule/Logistics/Sequencing Plan Implementation
    -Coordination with Community/Neighbors/Tenants/Employees/etc.
    -On-Site Supervision
    -Expediting of Material Fabrication & Deliveries
    -LEED Compliance/Validation/Submittal/Audit Coordination
    -Online Document Management
    -Design-to-Field Coordination
    -Subcontractor Management
    -Implementation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan
    -Implementation of Indoor Air Quality & Disruption Prevention Measures
    -Dust & Debris Control Measures
    -Progress Meetings
    -Bulletin Preparation, Change Order, and RFI Management
    -Preparation & Submittal of Close-Out Documentation and Owner’s Manuals
    -Scheduling of Owner Training & Maintenance Plan Development
    -Management & Scheduling of Owner-Contracted Suppliers (Furniture/IT/Artwork/Etc.)
    -Punch-List Completion & Final Inspection Reports

For additional information about our Construction Management services or a customized proposal, please contact us today at 231.726.4913 or via e-mail.


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