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In addition to an attractive design, commercial sites are typically well-maintained and have good physical location. Commercial construction is the business of building, then selling or leasing manufacturing plants, restaurants, medical centers, retail shopping centers, and standard space for offices. Commercial building is driven both by business cycles and population growth. Overlaying all of these are building codes established by towns, cities and counties.

Light Commercial Construction

Light commercial construction refers to smaller jobs. These are usually on the same level as residential jobs, in terms of amount of work and dollar amount.

Renovation and Remodeling

Commercial renovation and remodeling covers expanding, improving, redesigning or repairing an existing space. A fresh look can increase business.

Ground-Up Construction

Ground-up construction is taking an empty property and creating the perfect space for a client. These kinds of projects require intense attention to detail.


– Site Development and Utilities
– Interior Tenant Build-Out
– Re-branding and Re-imaging

In commercial projects, a contractor may often work with suppliers, designers and subcontractors to meet specific goals. Successful builders are those who can keep a steady stream of products under construction. This allows more predictability in the quality and availability of the needed labor.


Because commercial buildings house service-oriented business, their designs should promote smooth foot traffic and maximizes tenant satisfaction. From location and traffic patterns to site size and lot boundaries, every site starts with a detailed analysis of the job’s physical environment. External and interior aesthetics play a vital role in commercial design.

Commercial construction infrastructure lays out a matrix of electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems that services the entire building with connections directed to various offices, retail spaces and public areas.