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Howmet/Alcoa Plants 3 & 4


Howmet Plant 3
The new Shipping Addition for Howmet Plant 3 was a very challenging project from the standpoint that the shipping and receiving department could not shut down during the construction. A temporary asphalt access drive and a temporary loading dock were installed to allow shipments to continue during the construction phase.

The new 5,000 square foot addition included re-routing the existing sanitary sewer line, interior demolition of the existing interior and exterior walls. The new addition also included three new loading docks, interior shipping office and toilet room.

Howmet Plant 4
The new 8,210 square foot addition to Plant 4 included a new 570 square foot furnace pit that was 10’ deep. One of the big challenges was that since the new furnace pit was so big and deep it had to be constructed first prior to any of the new building foundations.

A new 5-ton overhead bridge crane was installed that spanned 60’ and moved on a runway spanning 85’. The new Plant 4 addition also has a smaller 400 square foot addition for staging. A new breakroom, technician room, men’s and women’s toilet rooms were also included in the new building addition along with an 828 square foot mezzanine.

SIZE (PLANT 3)10,500 sq. ft.
SIZE (PLANT 4)7,700 Sq. ft.
ARCHITECTDimensions in Architecture
LOCATION1 Misco Drive, Whitehall, MI 49461