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Lakeshore Federal Credit Union

Muskegon, Michigan

The most unique feature to this project during building addition and renovation phases was the Credit Union still had to remain open and fully functional.  This project consisted on several different phase in order to allow their Credit Union members full access. 

The existing three-lane drive-thru remained open during the construction of the new three lane drive-thru.  The entire parking lot was removed and replaced with new asphalt paving along with a new entrance and landscaping.  All of the exterior EIFS was removed and all new cement board siding was installed along with the new exterior stone veneer.

The existing drive-thru was converted into three new offices and staff entry.  The existing teller lines were all replaced with new custom-made teller lines.  The Lobby was renovated adding a new waiting area.  The new ATM and night deposit box were relocated to the new drive-thru location. 

TYPERenovation, Addition - Commercial
COMPLETEDSpring 2020
LOCATION2182 Lakeshore Dr, Muskegon, MI 49441