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General Contracting

General Contracting (GC) is the traditional design-bid-build approach to construction delivery. As true builders, we are passionate about GC. We provide competitive, firm bids on select and invitation-only (prequalification-based) construction opportunities throughout Western Michigan.

We are regularly awarded GC assignments through our low prices and innovative, best-value engineering suggestions for an overall value proposition. Established relationships with trade contractors founded on trust and experience enable us to be highly competitive while providing unsurpassed quality.

General Contracting is best suited for straightforward projects subject to minimal changes or projects subject to strict procurement policies requiring lump sum bids. GC offers the simplest contract terms coupled with a high degree of traditional ‘checks and balances’ between the architect and builder.

When using this approach, our staff will oversee the project organization, flow of materials and personnel, proper cost control, and timeline. We can also work with the owner’s selected architect to develop comprehensive bid packages and oversee the competitive bid process. Through our years of experience, we have developed a complete list of qualified contractors in the area and maintain strong relationships with many of them.

General Contracting also maximizes the benefits of our self-performance capabilities. Our field personnel are highly trained with in-depth job knowledge. They can also self-perform demolition services, concrete, carpentry, and general trades when appropriate.

Our GC services include:

  • Cost control measures
  • Schedule control
  • Coordinating trade contractors
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • Safety accountability program management
  • Shop drawing and submittal review
  • Field supervision
  • Professional project management

Need more information about general contracting or to request a Pre-Qualification package? Get in touch with our team today!